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Victoria Kraeva

Film Director&Digital Artist

About me

 I studied Film and Television Directing and earned my bachelor’s degree from the Humanities Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting Named After M. A. Litovchin in 2012. I am currently studying for a Master of Arts in Film degree at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. I was born and raised in Russia, and the main figures in directing for me were Eisenstein, Tarkovskiy, Zakharov and Menshov. Additionally, the works of great European directors, such as Dino Risi, Vittorio De Sica, Alberto Lattuada, Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, greatly influenced the formation of my taste in cinema. For eight years I've been working in the film industry.

I believe that we can tell a story or convey emotions through any technique. It does not matter if it is a movie or a TV series, VR or CGI—the main impact is that after the experience, the spectator looks at or feels the world differently. 

In 2021, I was honored to join 27th Geneva International Film Festival as a Jury member of the International Series Competition.

While I am watching a movie, I pay special attention to the ideas behind it and their artistic realisation. It is important for me to see what kinds of thoughts the film can awaken in the spectator and what kinds of trends it can form in society.

At the moment I am creating a CGI animation film "Vertex&Fortuna". 

I am always open to cooperation, for new projects and ideas!

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My skills: Storytelling, scriptwriting.

3D modelling and Texturing - Blender and Substance Painter.

Video/Film editing - Adobe Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final cut.

Visual effects & Motion Design - Adobe After Effects



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